What is Get Prototyping Academy?

This is a resource where I am educating you, entrepreneurs, on what rapid prototyping is, why you should use it, and how to do it. I am sharing tips & tricks on the prototyping methodology, what works (for me) and what doesn’t, showing the process, tools, and how to combine them to increase your odds of creating a successful (digital) product.

Why am I doing this?

Over the years, I had been hearing too many stories on how people working on digital products fail because of waiting for too long before testing their “baby” with the target users. One of the tools that I have been using for a very long time, and which was an essential part of almost all projects I’ve worked on, wasn’t used by these people or was used incorrectly. And I decided to create a one-stop place for entrepreneurs to learn everything they need to know about rapid prototyping (for software).

How much does it cost?

Zero. Why would I spend my time creating tons of valuable content and giving it away for free? I strongly believe in giving more than I take, and I want to support aspiring entrepreneurs by teaching them how to use rapid prototyping to develop great products. Life is too short to be making mistakes you can avoid, so learn how to manage your time more efficiently and increase your odds of building a successful startup.

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