Prototyping Tools Argument – Get Prototyping Academy (#21)

All the questions and discussion about what prototyping tools is the best reminds me of a similar question among photographers. They focus so much on the right camera/lens that they forget about what’s really important. Don’t go crazy about the tools, tools are secondary, mindset and methodology – primary. Keep this in mind.

Paper Prototyping – Get Prototyping Academy (#18)

Paper prototyping is the easiest way to start, no need for fancy tools, just use anything you have access to. If your favourite sketching notebook is not with you, use napkins from a coffee shop. Get resourceful and don’t get stuck on tools, just start creating your prototype on paper. Also, don’t use that lame excuse that you are bad at drawing. You don’t have to be! Just start sketching and after a few iterations you will notice that you are getting better and better.